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I'm a Senior at Wilbur Cross in New Haven, CT. I can't wait to get out either. Most of the stuff I say is pointless but it's fun to write anyway so let me know what you think.

Monday, January 24, 2005


So I didn't know whether to name this one "Women are Stupid" or something else. I think women are stupid might be offensive but it conveys the way I felt the other day. I was up at like 3:30 and couldn't fall asleep. My good friend DM suggested that I try some relaxing breathing exercise. The gist of the exercise was to close your eyes and breath. WTF? If I could close my eyes and breathe I'd be sleeping I mean how retarded is that. The reason women are stupid is only a woman could think of that. If it was up to a guy we'd eat a huge meal and throw down some booze and be out like a light. Instead of closing my eyes and breathing?! How dumb!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Yum Yum and Patriots Still Stink

I heard that if you placed every hamburger that McDonalds serves during the day out o nthe road it would take them 6 hrs to wash them off and reserve to the next unsuspecting customer. Yum Yum

And I hate the Patriots and the Steelers. I was hoping a big hole would open up in the earth and swallow Tom Brady and Ben Rothlesburger. What a stupid last name Rothlesburger. Who's ever eaten one of those. I've heard of Hamburgers and Turkey Burgers, and even Veggie burgers and boca burgers, but a Rothlesburger?!?! WTF.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

AP Strikes Again

I saw the greatest headline in the paper this morning.

3000 Palestinians are being armend to patrol Gaza, in brand new pickup trucks.

Woowee!!! We're giving the terrorists guns and cars now. Man are we dumb!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


So right now I'm feeling picked on and overwhelmed. I didn't even use a four letter word. And college applications are annoying, and my highschool is stupid. There hasn't been heat there these last 2 days it's been 60 degrees in most of the rooms. How am I supposed to learn in those conditions. Oh ya Finals are ocming. UCHHHH Finals. But my class at yale is fun this semester I'm taking Hebrew. It's fun and not so hard and it's also really fun to be able to hang out with Jewish kids my age who don't live 100 miles away.

I kinda like walking into a place where noone knows you. It's really nice to not have to deal with any preconcieved notions of people and just be like hey it's me and noone is like you're not what I expected.

I'm getting alot more introspective than I ever planned too but I guess you caught me at a weak moment. Why do I really care how out there I am in this thing? THere are only 4 people who read this and all of them know this already. Well that just sucked the wind outa my sails. Now I'm talking to a wall.

Anna wanted a peach today but I was laying down and ddin't wanna get it. Was there something wrong with that?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

One last note


What the hell does that mean?!?!?! Tzadik vra lo?!?!?!

Comments Comments Everywhere

Wo cool people actually read my blog. That's amazing. Now anyone reading this know's I'm a real smart ass. Ari will probably comment about not being that smart but ha I beat you to the punchline. So I'm just really glad that people are reading this. And G-d doesn't hate the Jets Ari. I can't wait till next year I'm gonna give you kids all these great responses that I've used over the years. Ha I can make your life miserable if you not careful mwahahahahahaha

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Football Shabbos and other stuff

Shabbos was so boring and it just woulnd't end. I wanted to turn on the Jets game. So I turn it on and we're tied at 17 and I'm going sick. Then we lose i na heart wrenching voertime defeat, I just couldn't deal with it. So much for Tonny learning for em. Why does G-d hate me so much.

Tommorow is New Haven's 2nd Spicy Food and a Hot Topic and I'm expecting 20 kids which is really really good. Some things might blow up in my face though oh well it'll be interesting to see.

Friday, January 14, 2005


So I haven't shaved in like 3 weeks and my mothers been friekin out about it for two and halfm and nagging me to shave. Now I have a really crappy shaver and it doesn't really work well it also gives wicked razor burn but today I finally shaved again. She might have been write that I looked dirty without shaving but now my face really hurts.

What I was really wondering was what message did I send by giving in to her nagging. That she can nag me to death? I don't really know what do you think?

Have a shbangin shabbos-

and lets go JETS

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Welcome Back

So all my friends recently restarted their blogs and I decided I would to. I'm not so into putting myself out there except to the select few but we'll see where this goes. I also don't like to think so don't expect any deep thoughts. In fact what the heck am I gonna write about?