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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Stupid People and A Funny Day

Stupidity should be made illegal and all stupid people should be taken out back and shot. The definition of stupidity is stil up in the air but we'll decide soon.

Onto the funny day. Had a 2 hr snow delay today. Then I had no teachers in school. Why did I go? My friend Rich told me yesterday he made a snowman then 5 other snowmen came running with machine guns and started shooting his it was funny.

Then my good friend DM congratulated me for getting into OD. He said it would go into the anals of history. Was he calling me a butthead or a smart @$$?!

We had a snowball fight in math class. A bunch of us grabbed the snow collected on the window sills and went to throw it at the sub but he ducked adn we hit the Assistant Principal instead!

What a day!


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