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Monday, February 14, 2005

More Stupid Quizess that tell me things I already knew

Why do I waste my time with these?

Um, school sucks!
You want to be bad. You might have it in you, you might not. Just go for it.

Do you hate school?

Congratulations! You're a moron!

Congrats, you retard. You shouldn't have even thought about taking this quiz if you knew you'd get this. You're the type of person who takes these quizzes hoping to get the best possible answer. (In this case, the smart result) You'll believe whatever it tells you, even if it says you'll die jumping off a cliff with Johnny Depp. You're also the type of person that either types completely incoherently and off topic; or you just don't understand where to put a comma. You usually talk about what you did at the mall and how cute these guys/girls were. Your age group ranges from 12-15. 16-19 if you're pathetic.
Place this in your journal with pride. You dumb ass.

Are you a moron?


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