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I'm a Senior at Wilbur Cross in New Haven, CT. I can't wait to get out either. Most of the stuff I say is pointless but it's fun to write anyway so let me know what you think.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I havta recite this poem in Spanish tommorow that I'm supposed to memorize. Suffice to say I don't know it all that well and I'm really nervous about it. I also think the whole project is stupid and that my teacher shouldn't give out pointless projects like this. I'm not in memorization class I'm in Spanish. I don't really want to learn the language I could care less but you need a language for colleges and this one ahd openings sophmore year!

Whats really bothering me is why I alsways get so nervous before I ahve to speak. I feel like I'm gonna pass out or whatever and then I do an amazing job. ALWAYS! Why am I so nervous if I always do well? Shouldn't that wear off?

And oh ya we got lost on some dead end street tonight it was annoying. And NYPD Blue is off the air now. I really liked that show but it's over after 12 years. Its funny the way you get so wrapped up in pointless shows.

OK I'm rambling now. When I get tired I start talking shtus but most of it is perfectly sensible and stuff I should say when I'm not this tired. It's almost like I'm drunk and all my feelings come out all at once? AAAA Ok I'm gonna try to stop waxing philisophic now. WHAT A PHRASE WAXING! Iused the words habitual truent in a sentence yesterday. Ariela was impressed. She thought they were big words!




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