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I'm a Senior at Wilbur Cross in New Haven, CT. I can't wait to get out either. Most of the stuff I say is pointless but it's fun to write anyway so let me know what you think.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The weekly Wrapup

So for some stupid reason they reblocked blogger at school which pissed me off a lot but R' Friedman said he would unblock it again. This week was pretty fun. No Torah Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. Threes still Torah though. We have morning and night Seder, just no afternoon Seder so we're free from 1-8. This week we went to the mall and to Mea Shearim. Weds and Thursday I spent my time in the beis working on a MaHarasha and Maritz Chiyos. They were both based on a Rashi and Tosefos in Baba Metziah. Do I sound shtark yet. Don't worry I'm wearing a pink shirt while I type this. After I figured it out R' Goodman gave me 20 shek to buy a schwarma.

Today we walked around Mea Shearim for like 5 minutes then came over to the Tachana where I'm typing this. I'm also on aim so get ur butt online now! Me and a couple of friends are going to one of the afternoon Rebbeims house for shabbos and we'll prolly stop by R' Friedman too cause he lives near there.

This post is very tonnyish. It's all about the little details, how strange! I'm trying to think if anything else funn happened. Oh ya we were walking to Emek 2 nights ago and I fell i na whole on Chizkiyahu. Then we were walking to Emek last nite, and there was this girl standing on her cell phone trying to tell her friend where she was and how to find her. We walked another half block and there was another girl talking about where teh first girl was on her cell phone all confused so I was like ur friend is down the street. She was like oh thanks. Girls are stupid.

Now that you're all laughing hysterically e-mail me cause I like getting e-mails.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

On Parole

I feel like a kid on parole. Shabbos was so awesome. The kids are a ton of fun. The matress was almost like mine at home, I had a posturpedic pillow, and an airconditioner. The food was also freiking amazing and theres leftovers to take back to yeshiva!! wohoo! I went to Aris Kiddush club after davening and we also had a few shots at lunch of great single malt scotch, alot better than the crap I normally drink. Then I walked out fo the hose to go tomincha and slipeed and fell and hit the house. Ari said I was cut off until he poured me another one.

Wohoo!! Back to Yeshiva so I won't be posting unless they unblock blogger. I asked them to but who knows what will happen.

Friday, September 09, 2005

I left for Israel Sunday night, and landed Monday afternoon on ly 2 hrs late. The flight was pretty fun. I met a bunch of OD guys and had my first beer legally, it's not as exciting as you'd think. Monda we spent unpacking and getting to know everyone. There are two guys in my room both from LA they're pretty cool. Tuesday we had a bechina for placemnet then went to Har Hatzofim, Mt. Scopus, and then to the kote. We spent the rest of the day walking around the Old City as well as mea shearim where I got a yarmulke that says Ed Meyuchad.

Wednesday we started shiur. My morning shiur is too easy so hopefull I'll move up to Rabbi G's on Monday. Then we have a 2 hr lunch break. I spent Weds with Rube on Ben Yehuda and Tuesday night with him on Emek Refaim. Last nite we went to Ben Yehuda it was mad fun. This week was an out shabbos so I'm at the solomonts. It's so much fun over ehre.

If you don't have my number leave a comment and I'll email it to you.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

And away we go!!!

My dad used to say that everytime we went on a big trip. Well I leave for Israel tomorrow. I guess that a big trip. Come visit, and Happy BIrthday to ME